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Ä     Experienced and skillful staff

Ä     Well known furniture markets

Ä     Vietnamese market is in hand

“Let us be your purchasing and QC Department”

Foreigners come to Vietnam not easy to get a proper price a lot of the time as there are many reliable manufacturers but they are not on the listing or not do well in marketing.

If foreigners can even find a company or factory to buy from, also a big problem is language - Unless you have a very clean manner of speech - you are often misunderstood - We know what to say and how to talk. 

We can give you what you want at a very little cost -- a little to let us drive around through the "jungle" and find these excellent hidden companies.

Now as direct sourcing agents we work with factories to bring you the style and quality you want.

We are doing a lot of works out in the countryside, working with many factories that have wonderful craftsmen but no marketing knowledge. So let us work for you, give us your drawings, set your target prices, we will find factories to make the products for you. If required we are experienced instructors in furniture construction, so we can be sure you get what you want. We act directly for you, just as though we are employees. The payment you make to us even is lower than a departmental budget.

“Come to us, lower your cost, higher your quality!”